CGI-ed Pacino To Star As Pat Riley In "Showtime"

Update (4/2/10): Report confirmed by Yadsloof Lirpa, Hollywood Foreign Press.

A trusted source has informed us that Al Pacino will star as Pat Riley in the tentatively titled “Showtime,” a film about the fast times and eventual fallout of the 80s Los Angeles Lakers dynasty (Riley heading to NYC, Magic Johnson contracting HIV, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar becoming a pariah, etc.).

Apparently, Robert De Niro as Vince Lombardi got some wheels turning in Hollywood. Given the amount of screenwriters who are Los Angeles Lakers fans, a producer probably went out and picked up a script as soon as he/she realized that Pacino and Riley were doppelgangers. The real interesting part of this story is that the same kind of CGI technology used on Brad Pitt in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will apparently be used to make Pacino appear younger during the bulk of the film, which takes place in the 80s and 90s.

After hearing about Orson Welles starring in a film posthumously due to voice recordings he left behind, how long is it going to be before actors become expendable? Regardless, Pacino is going to make a fantastic Pat Riley. First off, he looks just like him and can easily match Riles’ intensity. Plus, he already played a coach in Any Given Sunday, so this is familiar territory for Mr. Hooah. It also might do him so good to look young again, as he missed the mark a lot less often back during those days.

Production has apparently been fast tracked, although both the director and studio involved with this project remain unknown. Stay tuned.

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