Daniel Day-Lewis As Moriarty In Sherlock Holmes 2?

I love me a good casting rumor and this one is especially juicy. According to SuperHeroHype via /Film, writer/director Guy Ritchie wants Daniel Day-Lewis to play Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes 2. Eureka!

Of course this doesn’t mean Ritchie will get him, or that he really does want him because nothing has been confirmed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t  salivate for a moment at the prospect of Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law waging a battle of wits with Daniel Day-Lewis. Ooooh, the possibilities are endless.

In the first Holmes flick, famed arch-nemesis Moriarty was depicted as a shadowy figure who spoke briefly, but whose identity was concealed. Several names have been linked to the role, most notably Brad Pitt. However, guys like Gary Oldman (who would be fantastic too) and Javier Bardem (I can see it) are also in the mix.

But let’s be honest. Day-Lewis is the best actor in the game, so if Ritchie were able to land him, Sherlock Holmes 2 would become one of the most anticipated sequels in years. Although it’s all speculation at this stage, my fingers are double-crossed it becomes a reality.

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