The Crew Of Inception (Graphic)

Earlier this week, we introduced you to Dom Cobb and his team of dream hackers with this Inception infographic. While the characters you see on screen and the actors who play them are a crucial part of the telling, they are only half of a production. Almost as mysterious as Leo’s squad, at least to most film fans, is the all-star team Christopher Nolan makes the film with. Some of these film talents — Emma Thomas and Wally Pfister, for example — are longtime Nolan collaborators. Others have come on board Team Nolan more recently, but their reputations precede them within the industry.

Who is Guy Hendrix Dyas? Could Jordan Goldberg be the heir to the Batman or even Superman franchise? Who did Lee Smith work for before he started working with this gang? When did Hans Zimmer become part of the Nolan equation? Ever heard of a company called Double Negative? Get to know the people behind Inception by looking over this graphic and be the smartest person waiting in line this weekend. Your friends will be impressed.

Click Here For Full-Sized Graphic

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