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Michael Cera Horror Movie 'Magic Magic' Gets Straight-to-DVD Release

Michael Cera has been welcomed into our homes over the years as the lovable George Michal Bluth as well as for his roles in films like Superbad and Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. But while he’s made a career out of playing the shy, goofy kid we’ve all grown to love and relate to, he take on his most daring role yet in the psychological horror film Magic Magic. 

However, despite getting some respectable Sundance praise, the film will skip the traditional theatrical route and has been given the much dreaded straight-to-DVD treatment by Sony. Ain’t It Cool News reports that Magic Magic will hit shelves on August 6th.

Usually a film that comes straight to video is of poor quality and is put on the video market because either the production couldn’t find distribution or a studio just didn’t think it could make enough money during a theatrical run to be worth the trouble. But Magic Magic is an appealing looking film as Michael Cera couldn’t be creepier than he is in the trailer which was released on Tuesday.

The film also stars Juno Temple (who looks surprisingly a lot like Ellen Paige, who played the unrelated character Juno), but it’s Cera’s dark turn as a creepy psycho that serves as both a reason to watch this film and the reason Sony put it right to video. This role seems to be such a removal from what audiences are used to seeing Cera in, it’d be hard to market and highly unlikely to draw the audience a comedy featuring Cera like This Is The End will.

Still, this just means it’s coming right to the hands of cinephiles everywhere who are intrigued after watching the trailer and are interested in watching George Michael Bluth get terrifyingly medieval on some travelers.

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