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Brad Pitt's 'World War Z' Offering $50 Mega Ticket

Brad Pitt’s World War Z has had plenty of production problems but we’re finally nearing the much anticipated release of the apocalyptic zombie film. But if you’re counting the days until the wide release of the film, Regal Theaters has good news for you, as according to Deadline, five $50 mega tickets are being offered for advance screenings of World War Z.

Per a report in Deadline:

For $50 — that’s a $75 value, mind you — a moviegoer with said golden ticket from Fandango gets admission to the June 19 3D showing of the flick, a download or stream of the film when it’s released on home video, custom 3D glasses, a limited-edition official movie poster and a small popcorn. (What, no soda?) The offer is good at megaplexes in Irvine, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta and Philadelphia.

They say the price of tickets are going up, but $50 is pretty excessive for what’s offered as the small popcorn is laughable at best. That being said, you spend about $50 at the cinema these days anyways if you go with a date, so why not just splurge on yourself and get more goodies to take home?

It’s a novelty and a total one-off gag to promote the film, but with only five mega ticket offers existing, the chances are five zombie loving moviegoers out there will snatch this deal up. The price of a 3D ticket is pricey enough, so why not go all in and get some extra World War Z goodies while you’re at it.

You don’t go to a Brad Pitt zombie flick and not go all in on it.

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