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Jurassic Park IV: Pushed Back to 2015, Colin Trevorrow Still Attached to Direct

Jurassic Park IV has been in development Hell for well over a decade by now. Soon after Jurassic Park III‘s moderate 2001 release, JP4 was announced to be in the works. Unfortunately, a revolving door of directors, screenwriters, producers and cast has made the production stall time and time again.

When Colin Trevorrow was confirmed to have procured a suitable script and cast and went off to scout locations earlier in the year, we seemed to be right on track for the projected summer 2014 release. But such is life with this production: soon after Trevorrow tweeted a photo from a recent location scout, Universal shut down production.

But today, Den of Geek is reporting that JP4 might again see the light of day. It’ll just have to wait another year to do so. An unnamed source of their’s states that the project has formally been moved to (presumably) a summer date in 2015. No specific dates were given.

Universal must have some hope that this film can perform at least reasonably well in what will be known as the “Summer of Episode VII”. Jurassic Park is a franchise typically linked to big box office weekends in summer and Star Wars traditionally is a late May release. In order to avoid getting completely throttled by Disney’s new Star Wars film, a late summer release seems most likely.

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