Man of Steel: Michael Shannon Doesn't Think General Zod is a Villain

Cinemablend recently did an interview with new breakout movie star and pop icon Michael Shannon. He has been a star in previous films such as Take Shelter with Jessica Chastain and Premium Rush with other Christopher Nolan actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt as well as having a devious role on Boardwalk Empire. But Man of Steel may very well be Shannon’s breakout role in mainstream films and Cinemablend asked an interesting question to him about his Man of Steel character.

Was Zodd villain? Shannon responded with a long-winded “no.”

If you would like to watch the film to learn more about his backstory, feel free to watch the film before coming back to this article.

“On Krypton, he’s a hero,” Shannon elaborated. “I mean, he’s a legendary warrior, guardian of an entire civilization. All he’s trying to do is his job. ”

Shannon compared General Zod as a role played by a human in Krypton’s militaristic hierarchy like a lion’s role on Earth’s food chain.

I would debate that General Zod is a member of an extinguished species trying to make himself and his species powerful again, based on powers beyond his control, like humans of now with nature, like humans of the future and Kryptonians with their species.

Despite polarizing reactions to the film, there is no doubt that there is some literary value from the Christopher Nolan incarnation of General Zod and his fellow Kryptonians in this film. He is darker, more relatable and more flawed, which is what makes the ending of the film a little bit more difficult to stomach once it comes.

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