Man of Steel: Michael Shannon Says He Never Approached Superman as Comic Book Movie

When describing his personal contributions to General Zod during his Cinemablend interview, Michael Shannon stated, “I took it as seriously as I would take any other acting job I’ve done, even though it’s ostensibly a comic book movie, I never approached it like it was a comic book movie. I approached it as seriously as I would approach a movie with Jeff Nichols or any other project I work on.”

I think Michael Shannon just gave a certain air of professionalism and respect for his job, which is a great sign for superhero films, giving ones all in a role that will be remembered, marketed and hopefully given an award like a Saturn.

However, do not be offended when he used the term comic book film. He meant B-rated ones, like the shorts made pre-Richard Donner and the 90s era of goof. While Man of Steel gained a polarized reaction, one cannot deny the scope its large budget attempted to consume and the outcome it created: something appreciated by many teenage science fiction minds.

Shannon then added something that everybody could agree with concerning superhero movies in his interview:

“Well, I don’t think it behooves anybody to look down on it. I mean, these are the most popular films being made right now and they’re not going anywhere, you know? So, rather than turn your back on them, why not try and make them even stronger or incorporate real thought-provoking, resonant content into them, which I feel like Man of Steel can provide a variety of different experiences. If you just want to have a thrill ride, it’s in there. If you want to be more contemplative and kind of ruminate about certain things going on in the universe, you can do that too.”

Michael Shannon is a general of superhero Public Relations. He agrees that some believe in entertainment value of film, while others want to enjoy the artistic side as well, and the ultimate combination should be seen as a final product of a big budget, big revenue generating film, such as the Man of Steel, and less though provoking films are taking a lazy, lackluster approach. I am pointing my fingers at the Avengers.

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