'Godzilla': Press Release Hints At Multiple Monsters in Garth Edwards' 2014 Monster Mash

Legendary Picture’s Toho Company, Ltd-approved Godzilla reboot has been shooting for a couple of months by now and details are starting to leak hinting at what we might encounter in Gareth Edwards’ reboot of the classic Japanese monster franchise. Earlier in the film’s development, rumors abound that Godzilla would be terrorizing major cities with the help of/in defense of another Toho monster. Now Shock Til You Drop is reporting a recently released licensing press release that seems to corroborate those rumors.

The most interesting paragraph in that release reads:

Featuring spectacular creatures, thrilling action, epic battles and a legendary monster, Godzilla provides the backbone for a monstrous merchandise offering for fans of all ages and enables compelling cross-category opportunities across mass and specialty retailers.

That “spectacular creatures” line has got the internet talking. But this being a merchandising deal, it could simply mean that Bandi (the toy company named in the release to be handling merchandise for the new film) is planning on maximizing the property’s potential and cashing in on the established monsters that already play a huge part in Godzilla’s history and mythos. Just because Mothra, Rodan, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah and Anguirus toys seem likely to be on shelves hardly means we’ll see a Destroy All Monster-esque film with all or some of those classic monsters doing battle come May 16th, 2014.

I hope we do.

This year’s San Diego Comic Con should hopefully provide some more answers on the upcoming film, whether it be plot, or creature design or simply an update on production.

For more news of Godzilla, check Flicksided when the convention gets underway, as there will surely be some news to report.


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