Robert Rodriguez's Sin City Sequel Gets Pushed Back to 2014


If you were counting down the days until Robert Rodriguez unleashed the sequel to Sin City in the world, my only advice is to buy a bigger calendar. While Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was originally scheduled for an October 4th release date, Dimension has pushed the film back to a 2014 date.

And it’s not and early 2014 date either as the film has been pushed back almost an entire calendar year to August 22, 2014. Per

Dimension films has yanked Sin City: A Dame to Kill For from its previously established release date of October 4, 2013 and dropped it nearly a year later at August 22, 2014, meaning that the gap from Sin City to Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will now go from seven years to a whopping eight.

Rodriguez will still have a film in theatres this year as Machete Kills is set to come out in September, but that’s not the film fans wanted to see — in fact it’s a film not many people want to see. Sin City was wildly successful and Frank Miller has his fingerprints all over the sequel including a brand new, never before seen story that will enter the Sin City cannon when the film debuts.

No reason was given for the delay but one has to imagine it has something to do with post-production hang ups. Either the film needs to have re-shoots done or the green screen work is taking longer than expected, we now have to wait another year to see Sin City: A Dame to Kill For and usually when a film hits a massive delay like this one has, the end result is less than satisfying.

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