Quentin Tarantino to Receive Career Achievement Award at French Film Festival

Quentin Tarantino will be receiving a career achievement award from the folks behind Cannes Film Festival when he is honored at the Lumière Festival in France this year. The Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown director who single handedly blazed a new trail for independent filmmakers in the 90s, will be receiving the Prix Lumière to honor everything he’s done with his career so far.

In being honored with the Prix Lumière, Tarantino will be joining the likes of Clint Eastwood and Milos Forman as directors who have been honored with the award in the five years of the festival’s existence.

According to Deadline, Thierry Frémaux’s festival will be honoring Tarantino for “the tributes he pays inside his own films to the entire mythology of the 7th art” and for “the way he’s always saying ‘Vive le cinéma!’”

Frémaux honoring Tarantino fits in line with what the festival is all about. While Cannes is a closed festival meant for the best new films that are set for release in the coming months, the Lumière Festival honors the best of films past and is a cinephiles mecca. The festival is basically what Criterion is on Blu Ray for old films only the restored versions of classic films are showing in a giant theater with an atmosphere that resembles a grand ball.

In addition to Tarantino being honored with the career achievement award, career retrospectives will be shown for Ingmar Bergman, Hal Ashby and Henri Verneuil. There is also going to be an entire night devoted to Monty Python and their importance to entertainment over the last 40 years.

If all of that doesn’t have you scrambling to find a way to France this October to catch the festival, I’m not sure what will.

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