Star Wars: Han Solo and Boba Fett Spin Off Films Confirmed

There have been a lot of rumors circulating surrounding the new Star Wars films which will be released by Disney starting in 2015. But while George Lucas stuck to his film cannon in creating the original 6 films, Disney is doing what they do best and are smearing their product all over everyone.

Luckily this time it’s a product we all want to see.

According to, who have gotten their hands on exclusive information regarding the release schedule of the films, Disney is indeed planning on releasing tie-in spin off films for characters within the universe and the first two names up are none other than Han Solo and Boba Fett.

Like they did with the Marvel X-Men stories, these likely could be origin tales about where Han Solo came from and what Boba Fett was up to from the time he was holding his father’s severed head to when we saw him again in Empire Strikes Back. JoBlo states that their source informs them that rather than tell origin stories, the Han Solo spin off will focus on his relationship with Chewbacca while no details have yet been given on the more interesting tale of Boba Fett.

The Solo film will focus on Han and Chewy’s relationship, potentially on how they met and became partners on the Millennium Falcon. No details on the Boba Fett film, but my hope is to see his escape from the Sarlac Pit and subsequent journey afterwards.

No offense to Han Solo, but Boba Fett was the first real bad ass in the galaxy next to Darth Vader and fans are still raw some thirty years later that he met his demise the way that he did.

Since there is more information known about the Han Solo film, it’s likely that will be the first one released and you can look at 2016 as a date for the film to come out.

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