Exec. Jeff Robinov, Warner Bros. at Odds; Departure Likely

Seasonally, today is the first day of summer, but we’ve been in the summer film season for well over two months by now. It’s in the midst of this busy season that word has gotten out that Warner bros. head, Jeff Robinov, Has stepped down from his post, per an inital report from Deadline.

But Variety is refuting the report, saying that while both parties, Robinov and WB, are unhappy with each other (revenue and property conflicts) and are in fact likely to part, initial reports have been premature and no split has occurred yet. Reports are floating about that Robinov could jump ship to another major studio, possibly Fox, but Variety seems convinced that Robinov has no future jobs lined up.

With some of the industry’s biggest major motion pictures already released, Warner has seen some modest success this season. Sure, they didn’t have another Dark Knight film to hang their hats on, but they had probably the next best thing to that in Man of Steel, a film that opened up above projected estimates and continues to do well at the box office. A third Hangover picture provided some decent sales and The Great Gatsby also over preformed to the studio’s delight.  The second half of the year is to see releases of the likes of Pacific RimGravity, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, all sure to do some fair business for one of Hollywood’s biggest and oldest studios.

One thing is for sure: all of this is sure to make for an awkward Monday morning at the Burbank studio.

If and when Robinov does get the axe or he bows out himself, FlickSided will have you updated.


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