Pixar: Toy Story, Wall-E and the Top 5 Pixar Films of All-Time

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Pixar is well known for its high quality masterpieces that some debate even surpass the works contributed by the great American icon Walt Disney himself. Academy Awards, theme park rides and memories are all things Pixar has both given and received in the near twenty years they’ve been producing movies and they’re showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

They started as out as George Lucas’ freelance graphics department of Lucasfilm and grew into one of the most powerful and well respected film studios operating in Hollywood today. From Toy Story to The Incredibles and others, Pixar has given not only children but adults something to escape to and learn from.

Pixar is releasing yet another film this weekend in Monsters University, the sequel to the 2001 hit film Monster’s Inc. which was yet another hit film in their catalog. So in honor of the release of Monsters University, let’s take a look back at Pixar’s best films so far. 

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