Star Wars Blu Ray: Will Disney Release Unaltered Original Trilogy on Blu Ray?

The biggest sale of the year last year happened to be the biggest thing to happen to entertainment in some time. When Disney bought the rights to Star Wars from George Lucas, we all got an instant pit in our stomachs as not only was this an end to the most significant era in most of our lives, as someone other than George Lucas was in charge of Star Wars for the first time since it was created, but the biggest studio in the world now owned the right.

I’ll admit it, I had painful visions of Goofy and Mickey Mouse dressed as Star Wars characters all over every shelf of every store in the world. But while there’s not doubt that Disney is going to try and pinch every possible penny out of Star Wars that hasn’t already been pinched out by Lucas, Disney owning Star Wars may end up being a very good thing if not for one reason — Bu Ray versions of the films that are untouched, original and classic.

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To those who watch the films and then step away from them, the 1997 Special Edition re-cuts of the film are not that big of a deal. But for true Star Wars fans, it was George Lucas raping their childhood while he laughed and counted his money. This happened again in 2004 when Lucas added more special effects and altered more scenes including replacing Sebastian Shaw with Hayden Christensen, which was the final straw with fans.

The 2012 Blu Ray release had some hoping that Lucas would come to his senses and release the films as they were originally, or at least give fans that option. But instead he altered more scenes including having Darth Vader cry out as he threw The Emperor to his death.

So while Disney may be trying to force every penny they can out of Star Wars, a takeaway from that might be Disney releasing unaltered versions of the Original Trilogy. The folks at Disney are all about the money and they have to realize that releasing the Original Trilogy in it’s unaltered form on Blu Ray would be an instant best seller. Fanboys waiting for this very thing would flock to stores to buy up every copy they could and we’d get an extended few days where the population of Americans on the streets would dip significantly with people locked up in their living rooms reliving their childhood once again.

There have been just rumors about this and Disney is much more focused on releasing theatrical films, but for a company that gets it’s rocks off on tie-in material, it’s not unbelievable to think unaltered versions of the films could arrive on Blu Ray to accompany the release of one of the five films Disney has planned between 2015 and the end of the decade.

If this does indeed happen, there will be a real life Ewok celebration in the streets of cities all over the world.

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