The Avengers Now Free On Netflix Streaming

Netflix messed with their database after a report surfaced a few months ago that claimed nearly 2,000 titles would be taken off of their wildly popular streaming service. But while it’s hard to tell what’s coming to Netflix until it actually gets posted, one film that made more than a heap of coin at the box office is now available to stream inside your home for free (sort of).

Joss Whedon’s hit The Avengers is the latest film to come to Netflix and it means that aside from Edward Norton’s Hulk movie, you can now view almost all of the prequel films that proceeded Whedon’s film as well as The Avengers itself.

Thor and Captain America remain available for live stream but Netflix dropped both of the Iron Man films meaning unless you saw the two films when they came out, you might be a bit lost with Tony Stark and Iron Man in The Avengers. Still, Whedon crafted a very well put together film that even non-comic book fans adored and enjoyed so it’s not really a necessity that you view all of the prior films ahead of it.

Still, for those who don’t yet own or haven’t seen Thor or Captain America can expand their experience of The Avengers and deepen the viewing journey that Marvel intended.

Netflix does cost $7.99 a month but you can get a free month trial if you’re a first time user which means you can take in the Marvel cannon free of charge if your heart desires.

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