Man of Steel: Zach Snyder Wants Mark Strong to Portray Lex Luthor in Sequel

Comic Book News claims a DC Entertainment executive stated that Zack Snyder wanted Mark Strong to be Henry Cavill’s Lex Luthor. Although one may question Zack Snyder’s direction at times, there is no doubt of this great choice to portray Superman’s most famous foe. Mark Strong is known to have portrayed men, antagonists even of great intensity.

From Sherlock Holmes director, Guy Ritchie’s RocknRolla to Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies and Stephen Gaghan’s Syriana, Mark Strong has portrayed some of the greatest villains with experience with some of the greatest directors of all time. His presence on set can definitely provide a great amount of professionalism and respect for the superhero genre as was Michael Shannon for General Zod and would be a Lex Luthor taken more seriously, like Kevin Spacey’s in Superman Returns.

Unlike Spacey however, Strong could keep the same look and become Superman’s archnemesis. If you dislike some of the turns Zack Snyder made in Man of Steel’s storyline, you can look at Mark Strong’s role in John Carter for a compromise for him in a more moderate role. (Coincidentally enough, Superman’s powers had many roots from John Carter.)

There were easter eggs to Lex Luthor’s corporate business LexCorp in Man of Steel. Looks like they may approach a more aggressive stance on the character in the second film.

I would not be surprised if Mark Strong played both Luthor and Green Lantern character Sinestro as Sinestro was mainly CGI and Strong’s talents are just too good not to use in both roles.

Also according to the source, Man of Steel scribe David S. Goyer is currently on the Man of Steel 2 script. He has said to have wanted to have Christopher Nolan oversee the script. Nolan however is busy with his next project Interstellar.

Jonathan Nolan’s involvement would have been appreciated as well. Very little is known about the Justice League film at this point.

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