Stephen King's 'The Shining' Will Get a Sequel

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen King’s sequel to the Shining, Doctor Sleep, is a film about a middle aged Danny Torrance attempting to save a 12 year old girl Abra Stone from murderous paranormals.

He attempts to honor himself by doing all that his father failed to do in the Shining, going to AA and aiding the elderly at a nursing home using his Shining power, but meeting Abra causes him to relive his own demons. The plot of the film involves a tribe called the True Knot, searching for power by obtaining powers by torturing children from the Shining.

It seems like an odd sequel for me, albeit, at least according to the film, people with the Shining being tortured cannot necessarily be noticed by older people. Danny Torrance being a healer makes sense by the ending of The Shining.

The book seems to be In Media Res, so learning about the older Danny may be interesting, especially with a child under his care in this book.

It’s very likely that a film version of the book will follow the publication of the sequel, but don’t be surprised if it is slow out of the gate. Stanley Kubrick transformed the original into a hit film and classic entry into his cannon and while many young directors will be looking to follow in his footsteps, matching Kubrick is impossible and the sequel will be instantly compared and dashed by critics when held up against the 1980 classic.

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