World War Z: Brad Pitt, Paramount Planning On Sequel and Possible Trilogy

When World War Z hit much detailed production problems and changed the ending to the film entirely in the middle of the shoot, it drastically lowered expectations leading into the film. But that ended up being a very positive thing as the zombie picture is a bona fide hit for Paramount and Plan B, and a sequel seems to be on it’s way.

According to, Paramount and Plan B are looking to pump out a sequel starring Brad Pitt as soon as they can following the strong opening weekend the film had.

With the successful $111.8 million worldwide debut of zombie extravaganza World War Z — a passion project for the actor — Paramount actively will turn to developing a sequel,  studio vice chairman Rob Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter.

The film went from being something that looked to be a gimmick film for the very prestigious Brad Pitt to the actor’s best opening weekend of his career so far. That has a lot of people very excited as it has put Pitt back on the top of the Hollywood elite when it comes to making money at the box office.

Studios think it’s cute when you make endearing films like Tree of Life but they love you to death when you make them money — and Brad Pitt is both cute and a cash cow. He’s also looking to be a part of a franchise for Paramount in one of the most popular genres at the moment with audiences.

Hollywood studios care about making money because that’s the name of the game. Two sure-fire ways to make money is to create a franchise or to exploit something that is very popular at the time and it also helps to have a huge name attached to the whole thing. World War Z has the genre prerequisite, it’s looking to be a franchise and the names don’t get much bigger in Hollywood than Brad Pitt.

Another thing studios love is trilogies and according to the THR report, as well as other reports, Marc Foster originally envisioned the film as the first installment in a trilogy. That changed with all the script changes made to the film but it could still happen.

As CinemaBlend points out, Pitt has managed to make a career as one of the best working actors in the business and be well-known to fans without ever being a blockbuster actor. But World War Z looks to be changing everything and has seemingly launched the 50 year old Pitt into the next phase of his career.

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