Pacific Rim Testing Poorly With Audiences; Drawing Comparisons to 'Power Rangers'

Guillermo del Toro’s new film Pacific Rim has put put some fine looking trailers and it boasts a cast of serious and talented actors like

Charlie Hunnam and Idris Ilba. But early test screenings of the film aren’t going over as well with audiences as studio executives had hoped and that doesn’t set the film up for a positive release weekend.

On paper Pacific Rim has everything going for it. It has an acclaimed and wildly imaginative director in Guillermo del Toro, it has what seems like half the cast of Sons of Anarchy as well as Idris Ilba who is one of the most talented actors in the business today. But what it doesn’t seem to have is audience approval as the adult action film is being compared to childish things like Power Rangers.

Per a report in Variety:

Early tracking for the film is so far disappointing with audiences showing more interest in Sony Pictures’ sequel “Grown Ups 2,” which also opens that weekend. Some are comparing “Pacific Rim” to to Saban’s “Power Rangers” kids franchise or Japanese anime.

To the credit of audiences bashing the film, Pacific Rim does have a childish appeal to it and isn’t being sold as a very serious character-action film like the superhero movies we are seeing today. The knock is that the subject matter feels dated and that’s not a good thing for a film that hasn’t even been released.

The premise of giant robots controlled by humans defending against giant creatures is a cool idea, but it’s maturity is being questioned. It now seems in danger of falling into the abyss that is the area where it’s too adult for young kids and too childish for adults.

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