The Counselor: Brad Pitt, Javier Bardem, Michael Fassbender in Ridley Scott's New Film (Trailer)

Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated new film The Counselor has seen it’s first trailer release and while it’s in Russian and we can’t understand a word that is being said, it still looks absolutely amazing. Just the premise alone is enough: Ridley Scott adapting a Cormac McCarthy screenplay that stars Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Michael Fassbender.

Here’s the trailer, completely in Russian and completely awesome:

It takes some fine filmmaking to make a trailer that’s entirely in Russian appeal to anyone in any language but Scott has done exactly that. Brad Pitt also looks to be having a smaller role in this film which will be interesting in that when he plays smaller roles he is usually golden.

It’s quite the loaded cast as everyone in the film is worthy of top billing but Scott’s new favorite actor Michael Fassbender is the titular character as he’s playing the counselor that apparently gets involved in the drug trade. Scott of course used the German actor in his 2012 film Prometheus and Fassbender is high atop the A-List in Hollywood.

The Counselor is set for an October 25th release date and judging from the cast it boasts, this one could get serious Oscar consideration come January next year.

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