The Heat: Director Paul Feig Calls Melissa McCarthy Photoshop Controversy "a Bummer"

Melissa McCarthy is set to return to the big screen this weekend with the release of her new film The Heat which reunites her with Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. But the film is already garnering controversy albeit in a very unconventional way. A United Kingdom poster of the film seemed to be heavily photoshopped to cover up the heaviness in McCarthy’s face and to give her what some call the ‘supermodel’ effect.

In case you didn’t notice, McCarthy is not the size nor shape of a supermodel but she’s helping to dispel the notion that you have to be carved out of stone to be talented in Hollywood. But not everyone shares that sentiment and the photoshop controversy has many talking once again about just how fake everything in Hollywood we see is.

That’s the problem: I have very little to do with that — especially in the foreign markets,” Feig said, via the Huffington Post. “It’s a bummer. I love Melissa exactly how she is.”

Photoshopping on movie posters and in magazines is far from being a new trend but it is indeed unfortunate that we’ve had to deal with it yet again. There is nothing wrong with the way McCarthy looks and the irony is that they photoshopped what many see as something that would be considered ‘normal’.

You’d think they’d photoshop her to look thinner but that would have been an even bigger crime and rightfully so. And it’s not like it was even a good photoshop job either.

McCarthy is an Oscar nominated actress and the last people on earth that get to change her appearance is a British film art division.

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