Saturn Awards 2013: Anne Hathaway Wins Best Supporting Actress for The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises couldn’t have been a more anticipated film and Anne Hathaway’s involvement in the film couldn’t have raised more questions among fans. But when all was said and done, her turn as Selina Kyle was actually one of the more solidly cast roles Christopher Nolan has managed to find and the Saturn Awards honored her with the Best Supporting Actress award.

While the film itself is still debated today, as it’s rife with plot holes and errors, Hathaway got a lot of early heat when it was announced that she was cast as Catwoman. Fans feared that her role and the existence of Catwoman within Nolan’s Batman universe might hurt the realistic tone that had been set.

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But Nolan went far way from the 1992 version portrayed by Michelle Pfifer and opted for a much more subdued role in the final film of his trilogy. Where Pfifer’s role was as the second villain in Batman Returns, Hathaway was aligned with Batman and she was most defiently not resurrected by a pack of stray cats.

She was the very literal sense of her title — a cat bugler, not an actual cat-women.

She also didn’t ham it up or fall back on comic book movie cliches and took the role almost as seriously as she did her role in Les Miserables which won her an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

She can now add a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress as she joined Jennifer Lawrence as Oscar winning actresses to pick up  Saturn Awards.

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