Saturn Awards 2013: Joss Whedon Wins Best Director for The Avengers

Joss Whedon went from being a cult superhero to a Hollywood mega star literally overnight. While fans of his had been with him from his Buffy days through Firefly and his big screen hit Serenity, wider audiences didn’t meet the cult superstar until 2012’s The Avengers hit theaters and it grossed over $1 billion.

Now Whedon has gone from that guy who did that one thing with teen Vampires to a bona-fide A-list Hollywood director and he picked up a Saturn Award for his work directing his breakthrough film The Avengers.

It’s fitting that Whedon broke through with major audiences with The Avengers as comic book movies don’t come any bigger or badder than what Marvel rolled out last May. It was a massive undertaking but Whedon didn’t miss a single beat the entire way and he drew everybody into the film including Marvel’s most important audience — non-comic book fans.

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Above all you could just see Whendon grinning the whole movie as it was fun, wild and a damn fine time at the theaters. But Whedon managed to keep a film together and interesting that a lesser director likely would have allowed to get out of control. He’s a comic book savant and the dream director of everyone who has ever gone to Comic Con.

There are some directors that come on to comic book films either because they want to be attached to a big production or they’re getting paid a lot of money. But what Christopher Nolan is to DC comic films, Whedon is a much more up beat and equally talented version for Marvel.

His Saturn Award can also double for Cabin in the Woods which he also directed and which was also a hit with audiences as well. It took long enough but Hollywood has finally come around to Joss Whedon and he isn’t going to be cancelled by anyone again any time soon.

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