Saturn Awards 2013: Skyfall Wins Best Picture for an Adventure Film

It was the 50th anniversary of James Bond in 2012 and Sam Mendes helped bring perhaps the best film of the franchise to the screen with the release of Skyfall. While the film failed to secure any major Oscar nominations outside of the technical department, the Saturn Awards went ahead and honored the Bond film with it’s award for Best Picture for and Adventure Film.

The film was nominated all across the board this year with Daniel Craig, Judy Dench and Javier Bardem all securing nominations in the major acting categories while Thomas Newman picked up a nomination for his score.

Sam Mendes was a notable snub for Best Director as his vision blended with Bond in a way we hadn’t seen before and his arrival to the franchise marked the first time a truly prestigious director stepped behind the camera on a James Bond movie. Mendes is an Academy Award winning filmmaker so his attachment to Skyfall helped take it’s credibility to an entirely new level.

It truly was one of the best Bond films to have been released in the entire 50 year history of the character and ranks high on many yearly lists praising the best cinema had to offer in 2012. It was a breath of fresh air coming off of the disappointing Quantum of Solace and it helped set up the next generation of Bond films.

But while Mendes was snubbed for Best Director, the picture he created was not and Skyfall beat out the likes of Django Unchained and The Dark Knight Rises to take home the award for Best Adventure Film.

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