Blame Sony: 'Captain Planet' is Happening

“Go Planet!”

That’s what some Sony executive has apparently told producers Mark Gordon, Don Murphy and Susan Montford in regards to a Captain Planet and the Plaenteers live-action film, per The Hollywood Reporter.

Oh, yea. This needed to happen.

The movie you never knew you wanted, but might have always needed, is finally making its way to the big screen. I’m not so sure what group of people Sony polled that got them to green-light a film based on the blue-skinned environmentally conscious Superman rip-off, but apparently, this seems like it is happening.

I only ever remember this goofy, albeit earnest, cartoon coming on every Saturday morning before Pokemon, Spider-Man and the X-Men — always waking up to catch the last ten or fifteen minutes and wishing I would’ve caught some extra winks on my busy pre-pubescent weekend. This show was dated when it originally aired; its just a little too heavy-handed for a large mainstream audience.

We’ll have to wait and see who ends up putting on the green hair and red spandex, but I say give it to Don Cheadle. The man has already proven he can rock the ‘do and outfit in a popular internet show, let him do it for real, Hollywood!

The internet needs to push Cheadle big time for this to happen, but with our powers combined, I think we can do it.

Remember: “The power…is YOURS!”

(The below video contains some language and is NSFW)

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