Clerks 3: Kevin Smith Says He Has Too Much Money to Use Kickstarter

Kevin Smith is a director that many people believe peaked on his first film Clerks back in 1994. But while he’s not an A-List star in Hollywood, Smith has legions of fans that put others to shame and he’s not afraid to keep it real despite the fact that he’s largely graduated to big boy filmmaking.

But while he’s ‘gone Hollywood’, Smith isn’t one to try and pretend he’s still an Independent filmmaker like he was back in 1994 when he spent sleepless nights making his local Quick Stop the setting for so much audience joy and pleasure. In speaking to THR’s Kim Masters about the prospect of using the crowd-sourcing site Kickstarter to fund a third Clerks film, Smith said bluntly that he has too many funding opportunities behind him to have to rely on people buying a ticket and paying for the movie as well.

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“It feels like me trying to have a second bite at the apple by going, ‘All right man, now I’m going indie again with this Kickstarter thing.’ Like, the truth of it is, after all this time, 20 years later, I have access to money,” Smith said, via The Hollywood Reporter. “If I don’t use my own money, I can always hit up some of my famous friends.”

The Kickstarter craze is on the rise with people like Zach Braff and other using the site to get public funding for films in order to secure money outside of the studio system to create said film.

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But while Kickstarter is a decent idea, it seems better suited for passion pieces aimed at certain demographics of fans. FOr instance, the Veronica Mars movie is being funded by using Kickstarter and while Clerks 3 could be argued as a film only Kevin Smith fans want to see, he frankly has more fans than Veronica Mars and still carries a lot of weight in Hollywood — no pun intended.

Smith stated as much when he clarified that he’s not bashing Kickstarter or people that use it.

“If our Kickstarter video had been me just walking out in front of a blackboard and writing Clerks and then III after it, without much more than that, we probably would have easily cleared $5 million to $7 million bucks,” Smith said to Kim Masters. “And not because people like me, but they love Clerks, man.”

Braff has raised over $3 million for his next directorial film while the Veronica Mars project has raised over $5.5 million.

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  • sidray

    I have news for you, after Clerks 2, not even Kevin Smith fans want to see Clerks 3.

    • Kevin Hernandez

      i have news for you… i’m a fan and can’t wait for Clerks 3. Red State fucken kicked ass, and i would consider that his peak as a filmmaker. he’s only getting better with time. prick.

      • sidray

        I would like to sincerely apologize for posting an opinion on the internet. I had no idea it would offend you. Please forgive me and I promise that from now on, I will ask you before I post anything on the internet again.

        I also sincerely hope you recognize the sarcasm, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.

        • E Robb

          You made a joke generalizing all Kevin Smith fans, speaking on their behalf, then hide behind it being your “opinion” when someone disagrees with you.

        • Andres Santos

          Remember Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back’s ending? Just saying…

        • bryandobson

          I would re-read what you wrote, you made a sweeping statement that Kevin Smith fans wont want to see it, not you yourself. I am a Kevin Smith fan, and I want to see it.

          • cblanchet

            “I am a Kevin Smith fan, and I want to see Clerks III.”

            Can we get t-shirts made?

        • rexhex

          “I have news for you, after Clerks 2, not even Kevin Smith fans want to see Clerks 3.”

          That would be a statement, not an opinion. I don’t really care about anything in this conversation other than people learning the difference between the two.

          Opinions usually start with “I believe” or something similar if include other people. “I don’t know why anyone would want to see Clerks 3 after Clerks 2″ is also opinion”

          “No one would ever want to see ____” is an an absolute statement, not an opinion.

          English class is over.

        • James Franklin III

          You do sound like a toolbag…

    • Andres Santos

      Hell to the no. I loved Clerks and Clerks 2. Can’t frakking wait for Clerks 3.

    • glisanst

      Say what? I actually found Clerks 2 better than Clerks 1.. at the very least it’s a tie — how you can you paint Clerks 2 as some epic disappointment?! When that whole pillow pants scene happened I was gasping for air

      • James Franklin III

        Pffft, women…

        Oh we would have kissed if it weren’t for Listerfeind…

    • sharkkiller

      Clerks 2 was a good movie and it made me laugh, I could care less what the critics think because the critics are only thinking ‘academy award’ type material which is bullshit. Clerks 2 and Jay and Silent bob strike back are two of Smiths great accomplishments that his fans hold dear. I saw ‘Clerks’ for the first time at Woodstock 94 on the big screen and thought ‘What is this this washed out black and white bullshit?’ but after sitting through it I knew that I liked his material. Great film.

  • Ma Wa

    He didn’t come close to peaking with Clerks. I think he peaked with Chasing Amy. That movie felt personal and left the viewer with a lasting message/impression. At least it did for me. Clerks 2 wasn’t bad. It was different, but it made me laugh and brought a big heaping spoonful of nostalgia. I look forward to Clerks 3, but I shall temper my expectations. I respect the hell out of him for not using Kickstarter like Zach Braff.

    • Brian Garlick

      Yeah, I thought that comment was quite odd, as he’s had some pretty great movies since Clerks, and IMO, better than.

  • huricane

    IMO, Kevin Smiths best (or at least funniest) film was “Zack and Miri”.