White House Down Bombs At Weekend Box Office, Flops in With Only $25.7M

It was forcasted earlier in the weekend that the Melissa McCarthy comedy The Heat was set to make back over 90 percent of it’s production budget with a $40 million opening weekend. But while the attention is rightfully on the McCarthy/Bullock buddy cop film, a lot of people are taking a deep breath for White House Down as it failed to breach it’s forecasted $30 million mark.

We, along with the help of Deadline, projected a $30 million weekend but instead it clocked in at just $25.7 million and placed fourth, not third, in the weekend box office tally according to USA Today.

It was a good weekend for films already playing as the Pixar sequel Monsters University finished No. 1 again with just over $46 million while Brad Pitt’s World War Z finished sandwiched between The Heat and White House Down in third place pulling in around $29 million.

But the big story will be how White House Down is all but secured as a box office bomb this summer as it has a ways to go before making up it’s budget of $150 million. Don’t bury the film alive just yet though as the Fourth of July holiday weekend usually gives films playing in theaters a boost but it’s clear that White House Down is not going to be the first choice among audiences as The Heat is sure to draw another large crowd while World War Z and Monsters University remains options as well.

There’s also the matter of The Lone Ranger coming out as well plus the wide release of Despicable Me 2. Both of those films will split audiences wanting to either bring their kids to the cinema or see an action flick that looks far better than White House Down.

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