Comic-Con 2013: Ron Livingston Superhero Movie 'The Sidekick' Will Screen World Premiere

Ron Livingston is one of those actors that you see in things and go hey it’s that guy but can never place a name with the face. Some know him from Office Space, other from Swingers and the war film crowd will recognize him from Band of Brothers. But the man of many characters will be entering a new genre — the superhero genre as Livingston’s short film The Sidekick will make it’s world premiere later this month at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The Hollywood Reporter posted up an exclusive trailer to the short which stars Rob Benedict as Max McCabe, and tells the story of an unemployed superhero sidekick. The film tackles the issue of the dying breed known as the sidekick and how they don’t have any relevance “in the digital age”.

What the filmmakers hope happens by showing the short film at Comic-Con later this month, is that doing so will generate interest in expanding the project into either an online series or a cable series. Given the expansive search for original content that competing streaming services are on, this looks like something that very well could be picked up by Amazon Prime, Redbox Instant or even Netflix.

There will be a panel following the short and while Ron Livingston isn’t going to appear, Josh Meyers, Jordan Peele, Martin Starr, Richard Speight Jr. and cinematographer Steve Lubensky will appear as will Benedict and director Michael J. Weithorn.

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