Comic-Con 2013: Veronica Mars Panel

The cast and crew of Veronica Mars: The Movie will be at Comic-Con 2013 for one day only. In the latest blast to Kickstarter supporters of the movie, associate producer Ivan Askwith announced that they will have a presence at the convention for one day only on Friday, July 19, 2013.

Askwith writes that they would “love to be there longer and meet more of you, but we’ll be shooting late the night before, and as soon as we’re done, we’ll turn around and come back to LA for our final day of production.”

While the location and exact time was not announced, they will have an official panel during the morning on Friday. As of now, Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff Jensen will moderate a panel that consists of Rob Thomas, Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Ryan Hansen, Jason Dohring, Tina Majorino, Krysten Ritter, Chris Lowell, Percy Daggs III and Francis Capra. In addition to talking about the movie and the question and answer session, they will share exclusive footage from the film.

At the Warner Brothers booth, there will be an official signing. All of the cast is expected to attend except for Kristen Bell.

There will be another fan event in the evening, according to the Kickstarter blast, in which even more first-look footage is shown and questions are answered.

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