Independence Day, Men In Black and Will Smith's 10 Most Essential Films

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It’s Independence Day weekend and we’ve already treated you to a few seasonal lists to find the perfect movies to enjoy during the long weekend.

And this list is commemorated to one of the holiday’s mainstays and certainly one of the most successful and bankable of American movie stars: Will Smith.

A string of successful commercial and experimental films in the thick of the 1990’s seemed to always leave audiences wanting more and more he gave. But ever since 2007 ended, Smith has had a rough time finding a way to connect with audiences the way he did when he was making his transition from teen television star to bonafide movie star.

His latest work, After Earth, under-performed (par the course for the past seven years) and while we wait for his next feature, the supernatural drama film Winter’s Tale, FlickSided thought we’d go through Will Smith’s best films – just to hold you over until you see him next time in a theater near you!

(Dis-)Honorable Mentions

The number ten spot was actually a four-way tie with Bad Boys II, Shark Tale, Seven Pounds and a the winner of the spot. This realm of Smith’s filmography is decidedly weak and it came down to choosing the lesser evil out of all of it.

Bad Boys II was loud, obnoxious, over indulgent, boring garbage. I couldn’t in good conscience include a film where rat fornication is used as a sight gag in a hard-R picture about drug trafficking and out of control cops. It’s juvenile.

Shark Tale is predictable by-the-numbers DreamWorks animation at its stalest. Made in the wake of the Shrek films, it was made to capitalize on the success of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and has about 1% the charm and wit of that classic and 100% more putridness.

And Seven Pounds… what can I say about Seven Pounds? Some people love this film, but I find it needlessly dark and flat-out ridiculous. Smith is fine, actually quite moving, in the picture but everything about this thing is just so morbid.

So that leaves….

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