The Lone Ranger Bombs At Box Office With Only $9.6M on Opening Day

When Disney announced that it would be releasing the new Johnny Depp-Gore Verbinski collaboration The Lone Ranger over the Fourth of July holiday weekend, it seemed like a strategy that was going to make everyone at the studio a lot of money. But after it’s first day of release, The Lone Ranger is doing something Disney didn’t expect — it’s flopping at the box office.

According to DeadlineThe Lone Ranger not only brought in a measly $9.6 million on it’s opening day but Disney has revised it’s weekend estimate to just $45 million and the film is not expected to cover it’s $215 million budget.

Rival studios say that means the Jerry Bruckheimer-branded tentpole may not even pass $45M for its first 5 days barring a miracle. This is way below even Disney’s lowball domestic projection of $65M which the studio today revised down to $43M-$43M.

While it was meant to be a triumphant return to the screen for Depp and Verbinski, who last collaborated on Rango and last put out a live action film together back in 2007 with Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. But while Rango remains a solid film, The Lone Ranger is epitomizing a summer blockbuster bomb as it’s failing to make money and it’s getting shelled by critics.

Even Johnny Depp is getting blasted which is usually never the case.

In stark contrast, Despicable Me 2 has already delivered the knock out punch this holiday weekend as it grossed $35 million on Wednesday and is in line for a $120 million opening weekend.

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