Comic-Con 2013: Metallica Will Play Secret Concert During Comic-Con Appearance

One of the surprise attendees to this year’s Comic-Con are heavy metal legends Metallica. Unlike other bands such as KISS who come to the convention long after they’ve faded from the spotlight, Metallica and it’s five members will be not only attending the convention but they will be hosting a panel to discuss their new film Metallica: Through the Never.

To add to that, is reporting that the band will be playing a secret concert during the convention which is sure to only make the weekend even more festive, loud and down right cooler than it already was looking to be.

Per a report from Mia Galuppo and THR’s Heat Vision blog:

Panel attendees will have the chance to win tickets and learn the location of an intimate live Metallica performance that will take place at a secret location somewhere in San Diego. The performance will take place later on that evening.

Of course, if you want to know the secret location of this exclusive and personal concert, you have to be in attendance for the band’s 6:30 p.m. panel which takes place in Hall H.

This idea brings to mind a similar concert held for MTV’s Unplugged back in the late 90s when the band pretty much played a garage jam in a small warehouse for a room full of fans and MTV cameras. Obviously this won’t be televised live but it will likely be taped for some sort of later sale and fans will no doubt have footage of the secret concert up on YouTube as soon as they secure access to what should be an added goodie to a weekend full of epic excitement.

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