Guillermo Del Toro to Direct Justice League Film?

While there has been constant clamor but development hell for the Justice League film, there has been a film moving forward: Dark Universe also known as Justice League Dark, a tale of superheroes dealing with the supernatural side of the DC Universe, an expertose the founders such as Superman and Batman do not have. Guillermo Del Toro is developing and rewriting it including rewriting the outline, while waiting for another writer. It’s a fantastic mix for the director of Cronos, the Hellboy franchise, and Pan’s Labyrinth due to the director’s influences not only from understanding cinema and mythology, but creating them as well.

MTV wondered if DARK UNIVERSE would be separate or if there would be continuity to which del Toro responded:

 “I think the great thing about the Dark Universe is that you have this possibility of basically creating a supernatural group and you can play with different roles but I would love to see the DC universe become as coshesive as the Marvel film universe and if there is any correlation I will honor it.”

Also if this project comes to life, (no pun intended) will there be a Black Lantern movie in the works?

Will Legendary and Warner Brothers have co-productions for a Hellboy-Justice League Dark teamup?

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