Justice League: Do We Want a JLA Movie or Just Batman vs. Superman?

With the recent success of Man of Steel, many DC Universe fans are hoping that Warner Bros will finally have what it takes to put out a film that can contend with Marvel and The Avengers. This film, of course, would be the long rumored Justice League movie that fans have been clamoring for since the early 2000s.

But while the idea of a Justice League movie is nice, the question is do we really want to see one as badly as Marvel fans wanted The Avengers. There are plenty of DC characters in The Justice League that could deserve their own film, but Marvel has many more popular characters than DC does, especially when comparing Justice League and The Avengers.

Plus, look no further than The Green Lanteras a reason why DC heroes not named Batman or Superman can’t float on their own in the marketplace.

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Of course, the best possible film that will never ever happen thanks to almighty licensing rights, is a DC vs. Marvel film as only then would we settle the debate of who’s better.

But the main focus of all Justice League talk centers on two characters: Batman and Superman. This begs the question, do we really want a Justice League film or do we simply wants a Batman vs. Superman film?

The main draw to a Justice League film would, rightfully so, be Batman and Superman. All the other characters, as beloved as they are, would fall to the wayside while we sit focused on Batman and Superman finally interacting. No disrespect to the likes of The Flash, Green Lantern or others, but anyone not named Batman or Superman in a Justice League movie would just seem like extra baggage not needed — at least to the general public.

Look, I get it. If done right any of the DC heroes could be in compelling films. But Marvel just carries more weight than DC does, save for two massive characters in the universe.

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So this means we can go one of two routes to get a film that works. If Warner Bros is hellbent on making a Justice League movie work, they must first make a Batman meets Superman movie to get that geek-gasm out of the way. If all they want is to capitalize on money without caring about the story of The Justice League, then simply making a Batman meets Superman movie instead makes a lot more sense.

Either way, we need a stand alone Batman and Superman movie in order to set things in place for other DC collaboration films. Comic book fans wanting a Justice League movie is one thing, but the fact of the matter is (and this is coming from a DC buff) that The Justice League just doesn’t have the character power to match The Avengers and simply pitting your two most popular characters together in the same film may end up making much more money in the end and pave the way to sprinkle in JLA characters along the way.

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