James Bond: Idris Elba Says He's Honored But Hopes 007 Role Never Comes To Fruition


Idris Elba is currently one of the hottest actors working today, and he is so in more than just one way. With his dashing good looks and his intense talent, Elba has captivated audiences in everything from canceling the apocolpse in Pacific Rim to his cameo in The Office  a few years ago. But while he’s been on The Wire andin blockbusters like Prometheus, many fans around the world want him to step into what would be the largest role of his career — James Bond.

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Not only would be he make a brilliant Bond, he’d break barriers by becoming the first black Bond, something the world finally seems ready to digest. But before we get too excited about the prospects of Ilba being Bond, we first have to get the opinion of the man himself.

In talking with Digital Spy over the weekend, the topic of James Bond came up and Elba said that while he’s flattered, he isn’t going to fight for the role and wouldn’t at all be bothered if he never steps into the shoes of 007.

“It’s not something that I actually hope to come to fruition,” Elba said, via DigitalSpy.com. “It would be lovely if it did, but it’s a rumor.”

Elba elaborated on his little blurb by saying playing Bond for him would be more about national pride than anything race related. The actor said that it’s more other people pushing the role on him, but if it were to come along he would be honored to represent England on such a global scale.

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“It’s actually like the will of a nation type-thing. I’m not a champion of myself to be James Bond, but there are so many people who say, ‘Hey, you’d be a great one. We’d love to see that’. That’s a great feeling for me,” Elba said. “That’s such a national treasure for us in England, we love James Bond. To be considered as one of those actors who could play him is great.”

Of course, he would never turn down the role, but Elba’s reserved approach to all the hype might actually calm some of it down. Don’t forget that after Skyfall was released, Daniel Craig had a massive change of heart about Bond and signed on for two more films. So by the time he steps out of the role, Ilba may be considered too old to play Bond anymore.

Never the less, fans can dream about what Elba would do with the character and as we learned from Bond himself, never say never.

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