The Conjuring, Insidious 2 and the Most Anticipated Horror Movies Still Coming in 2013

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Hollywood is obsessed with the horror genre.

Traditionally, a relatively cheap genre to produce that offers studios a low-risk investment for a high return at the box office; the genre (and its many, many sub-genres) have enjoyed constant success for a number of years.

They come out all year. The dog days of winter are filled with seemingly endless waves of soulless and faceless slash fests that offer very little in terms of originality, creativity or even scares. Nowadays, horror films are out there more to disgust than they are there to scare. Gone are the days of Rosemary’s Baby, Evil Dead, Halloween or The Exorsist – now we get Mama, Evil Dead, Halloween and The Last Exorcism.

Hollywood has fallen into the trap of remaking previous horror staples with modern (read: overly gory; cheap scares) updates. The genre has become a hollow shell of its once proud former self. It’s gotten so bad, that the genre feels the need to spoof itself. We’re not talking about the Scary Movie series either. The Cabin in the Woods, is at once a frightening homage to past horror heroes and a stinging commentary on the state of the genre itself. The essence of a scary movie seems to have been lost and filmmakers know it.

In any case, the studios typically save their best shock flicks for the month of October and its preceding months and this year is no different. But with no Saw to look forward to, what horror films are worth (or at least seem worth) your hard earned cash?

Continue reading to find out…if you dare.

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