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Comic Con Teaser Poster for 'Godzilla' Unvealed

Oh my dear God in Heaven, yes.

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have just revealed the teaser poster for GodzillaGareth Edwards‘ re-imagining of the classic Japanese kaiju that Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim owes so much to.

And what a poster it is:

(via IGN)

 Sure it kind of looks like a fan poster, but this poster is exciting for more reasons than its overall look.

First and foremost is Godzilla’s design. True to his word, Edwards seems to have completely resurrected Godzilla’s original 1955 look. From his muzzle to his distinct spines, this is the Godzilla I fell in love with as a kid and I cannot wait to see more of him at Comic Con and when he smashes into theaters next summer.

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