Rumor: Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Marvel's Sights for 'Doctor Strange'

Every other day seems to have news of a new Marvel Studios rumor.

From Vin Diesel’s odd and cryptic posts on Facebook to constant rumors concerning The Avengers 2 or Guardians of the Galaxy, the studio seems to absolutely be taking over Hollywood.

Another mainstay in the daily industry rumors is Hollywood “It” man, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. An actor whose popularity rises above any one group of film fan and remains busy with both indie (The Lookout, Looper, (500) Days of Summer)and mainstream (The Dark Knight RisesG.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) fare.

This rumor combines those two heavy-hitters into one odd — call it “strange” — rumor that Latino Review has began reporting: Marvel wants Gordon-Levitt to play the title character in the oft-delayed Doctor Strange picture. The film was recently confirmed to be part of Marvel’s Phase 3 in its cinematic universe (were in the midst of Phase 2, for those keeping score) and is in desperate need to dig itself out of development hell and get some principals attached. The report is so far unconfirmed and probably hasn’t even reached Gordon-Levitt or his representatives.

There’s just one problem with this idea: Gordon-Levitt has already appeared in a very recent, high profile DC film (The Dark Knight Rises) and in fact has been rumored for months to be playing none other than the Caped Crusader himself in the upcoming Justice League film. You’d think his contract with Warner and DC would stipulate that he not jump ship to Marvel while his terms with them remain active.

Granted, Phase 3 might not even start until as late as 2016 and by then, might not be under contract with Warner and DC, but it seems unlikely.

Gordon-Levitt is set to release his directorial debut, Don Jon, on September 27th.

Look to FlickSided for any Marvel casting news, of which we’re sure to learn more of when Comic Con 2013 kicks off on Thursday.

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