Bond 24: 12 Actors Who Should Play the Next James Bond Villain

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Now that we know a 24th James Bond film is coming in two years, most of the hype and talk surrounding the film has shifted to a very important question: who will play the next James Bond villain? We know that Daniel Craig will be back as Bond and that Sam Mendes will be back directing, so with those two major questions answered, focus shifts to filling the role of Bond’s main adversary as a Bond movie is only as strong as it’s bad guy. 

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We’ve heard a few names kicked around and most every Bond fan has a dream wish list filled with names. But as we approach that point n time where names start to become serious candidates, we must take a real hard look at possible candidates as the list of actors out there today who would make amazing Bond villains is actually quite long. 

Thanks to Sam Mendes bringing an even classier Hollywood edge to the franchise, the door is now open for respectable actors to not feel cheesy stepping into the role of a Bond villain, as Mads Mikkelsen and Javier Bardem have proven that you can be a very serious, award winning actor and still play a devilishly good Bond baddy. 

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So let’s take a quick look at, in no particular order, 10 candidates out there who would follow the current trend of excellent Bond villains we’ve been gifted with over the last few years. 

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