The Criterion Collection Announces October Release Slate

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Criterion normally releases at the very least one horror/thriller film for the obligatory Halloween-theme the month has going for it. Past October releases have seen Rosemary’s BabyKuroneko, Island of Lost Souls and House. But most of those were all released in different years. This year marks not one, not two, but three — count ‘em, three — Halloween themed releases from the publisher.

Sadly, none of those three are David Lynch’s Eraserhead (which was rumored to finally see a release for October). But fans of Criterion won’t find a lot to complain about this month (except for one HUGE caveat). We always demand so much out of them in regards to cover art and this month has some beautiful artwork, arguably the year’s strongest month in terms of cover art (The Uninvited in particular looks absolutely stunning).

October has laughs, chills, haunted houses, drama and Michelangelo Antonioni. What more could we ask?

Check out each film’s press release, complete with features and release dates, in the pages that follow. My final thoughts on October’s slate will be in the last slide.

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