No Go for 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

While 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo<:> had received funding from the Australian government, it has yet to be greenlit by the studio.

With the recent word that David Fincher would next be directing Gone Girl, there was some curiosity about the state of the adaptation. According to Indiewire, the Fincher camp has said that they have moved on.

I can’t blame them for wanting to move on. Disney probably does not want to finance another big-budget film like John Carter of Mars and The Lone Ranger at this point.

Brad Pitt already passed on the project. Neither Daniel Craig and Matt Damon wanted to leave their families for the 140 day shoot. Disney was not too fond of Channing Tatum leading the film even though he is a rising star. Disney had their eye on Chris Hemsworth but at that point, Fincher decided to move on to other things.

Meanwhile, The Hollywood Reporter reports that Rosamund Pike is the front-runner to play the missing wife in Gone Girl.

There is some news on the Millenium trilogy front. Andrew Kevin Walker has been hired to work on the screenplay for The Girl Who Played with Fire. Steve Zallian had previously worked on the script but the studio is doing everything that they can to save the film.

As for when it would shoot, between the next Bond film and Gone Girl, it will be hard to find time that works for everyone in the schedule.

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