Comic-Con 2013: Exclusive Terminator Poster Makes Debut

Friday was a big day at Comic-Con in San Diego and one of the reasons had to do with the artwork we saw unveiled. The world was introduced to a brand new Terminator poster drawn by artist Killian Eng went on  sale early Friday morning and went fast with fans. The price of $50 seemed like a bargain given just how cool the finished product looks.

The Terminator didn’t actually make an official appearance at Comic-Con but hype around the character is once again mounting thanks to rumors swirling around a fifth film that seems to be rebooting the franchise with Arnold Schwarzenegger returning to the series and Dwayne Johnson coming aboard as the likely villain.

We didn’t learn any new information about the film at Comic-Con but fans were no doubt talking about it. The poster art by Eng certainly did it’s work in getting fans riled up about how awesome the new film could and might end up being.

So far it sounds like production on the next Terminator film could be getting underway in 2014 which means we could see an official panel come to San Diego for next year’s Comic-Con. It’s still far too early to tell whether a Terminator film panel will be at Comic-Con in 2014 but the character made an appearance in some way this year and it reminded a lot of people just how much they love the old Terminator.

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