Comic-Con 2013: Batman and Superman Logo Unveiled for Upcoming Movie (Video)

Perhaps the biggest news to hit Comic-Con in some time was word that DC’s two most popular characters would be teaming up for the first time in the same live-action movie. Man of Steel director sparked nerd-gasms worldwide when we surprised Comic-Con andentees with footage revealing that Batman would be joining Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.

Needless to say — the building went nuts.

Fans have been waiting decades for a live-action meeting between Batman and Superman, and Snyder’s unveiling at Comic-Con instantly makes Man of Steel 2 the most anticipated movie of the 2015 blockbuster season. That’s saying a lot too as Man of Steel 2 will be going up against Avengers 2, which Joss Whedon announced at Comic-Con, as well as J.J. Abrams’ Star Wars Episode VII.

But a meeting between Batman and Superman on film is something that fans everywhere have been waiting to see and we now know it’s going to happen. The countdown has already begun and 2015 seemingly can’t get here soon enough.

Until then, questions will pour in over who will play Batman in the new film, as Christian Bale will not be returning. The Batman set to appear in Man of Steel 2 is going to be a bit of a departure from Christopher Nolan’s version but he should still fit within the Superman universe that has been created.

But for now, all fans care about is the fact that we now know Superman and Batman will indeed be appearing on screen in the the same movie, and nobody at Comic-Con could have asked for anything better.

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