Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Trailer

Comic-Con has no doubt been everything we wanted it to be and more. From Marvel confirming an Avengers sequel to the epic announcement that Superman and Batman will be teaming up on film in 2015, this year’s convention hasn’t skimped on the excitement.

One film that was washed over it seems in all the comic book movie excitement was The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which debut a brand new full length trailer to get fans even more excited for the films release in a few months.

The first film took a lot of people by surprise in that not only was it an immensely popular film with audiences, but it was actually a pretty well put together movie. The presence of Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Lawrence only boosts the already insanely high credibility of the film and the new trailer confirms that the series is not going to pander to teeny-boppers the way films like Twilight did.

Young adults are the target audience of this series, as that’s who the books are meant for. But like Harry Potter, the books are bing enjoyed by everyone and that success showed in the box office returns for the first film.

We still have about four months to go until the release of Catching Fire, but the hype couldn’t be any higher than it is right now and the Comic-Con trailer only helped raise that bar.

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