Marvel vs. DC: Has The Great Comic Book Movie War Officially Begun?

For years, loyal fans of both DC and Marvel have clashed over who’s characters are better. Each side has pros and cons and both universes have popular and weak characters. But when Marvel used DC to propel itself into the comic book movie stratosphere, it looked like we would be in a one-sided cinematic battle for years.

Not anymore.

With DC and Warner Bros announcing at Comic-Con on Saturday that Batman and Superman would be teaming up in the same movie in 2015, a sonic shockwave was sent around the world that signaled the beginning of the great comic book movie war.

Marvel currently has the upper-hand and they arguably set up the blueprint which DC and Warner Bros are likely to follow in catching up with the success Marvel has had. But before Saturday, DC was just hoping to match Marvel’s popularity in the marketplace and they may have actually caught up with them by simply announcing a Batman-Superman movie.

What is being washed over in the tears of joy being cried by DC fans everywhere, is word that a Flash movie is coming as well with ultimately a Justice League film set for release in 2017.

This is exactly what Marvel did to gain the dominance they possess right now in the comic book movie world and everyone is taking notice.

So far, the first shots of the Marvel-DC comic book movie war have been fired after years of Cold War style stand offs. Not only is a Batman-Superman movie coming from Warner Bros and DC, but it’s being released in the same season and likely the same month as Marvel’s sequel to The Avengers.

You don’t show your hand anymore than that if you’re DC and WB.

It took DC long enough to actually get in the game and they do seem a bit bitter that the success of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy set the stage for Marvel to swing for the fences the way they did starting with Iron Man in 2008. But if you think the cosmic wars being waged in The Avengers and other Marvel movies were epic, you haven’t seen anything like a DC vs. Marvel comic book movie war.

Right now Marvel can breath easier than you think, as they’re still the kings of the comic book movie world. But that’s a title that may not last long as DC has let it be known they’re coming for Marvel and they’re coming at them hard.

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