Grown Ups 2, Transformers and the Worst Summer Movies Ever

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Oh, summer.

A season marked with sunshine, laughs, fun, heat, air conditioning and the movies – really big, expensive movies that, for many studios, make or break their fiscal years.

Every year there is always one tent pole film that rakes in the big money that sets trends for years to come. The Dark Knight a couple of years ago started what has been a very superhero-heavy last few years in terms of summer movie going.

One actor seems a summer season constant. And although his films don’t always see summer releases, his biggest films certainly do and he has sort of come into his own as reliable summer box office draw.

Who, you ask? Adam Sandler, of course.

Last week saw the release of a film so terrible and offensive in its stylings that FlickSided’s own resident film critic, Michael Smith, wondered if , in fact, Grown-Ups 2 was the worst film ever made. It’s a fair question and one I ask myself just about every time I subject myself to one of Adam Sandler films. And if Sandler’s latest isn’t the worst film ever made, it certainly can be called the worst of the summer of 2013. It seemed to have that dubious honor from the moment its first trailer was released; it was just a matter of time until that assumption became a reality. The worst thing about this is that it means that we’ll only get to see more Sandler and Friends pictures in future months.

I could go one complaining that awful films like this have no place in the golden weekends of May-August, but that would not only be redundant, but also simply not true.

The truth is that summer has long been a season filled not only with huge special effects, big box office numbers and cult-generating super movies, but also a season where some of the worst films have ever been released.

There are movies released that mark low-points for everyone involved in the production, tarnish actors’ reputations, ruin franchises and ruin childhoods. This is those movies’ list: the worst summer movies ever.

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