Shia LaBeouf Puts On a British Accent, Gets Creepy in Nymphomaniac Clip

Lars Von Trier is slowly rolling out promotion for his upcoming erotic drama Nymphomaniac by sending out clips to various outlets in order to hype the film. One of the reasons most American’s are interested in the film has much to do with actor Shia LaBeouf and  rumored on screen, un-simulated sex he performs. So far we’ve had none of that but we finally got to see what LaBeouf has in store for Nymphomaniac and it appears he’s crossed over from Transformers to something new.

In the clip, LaBeouf is sporting a british accent and seems to be an office manager of some sort. The character seems oddly similar to Ricky Gervais’ character in the BBC version of The Office but things go from cute impressions to weirdly creepy in record time.

After doing his best David Brent impression talking about an office secretary, LaBeouf is riding down an elevator with a woman when he abruptly stops it and creepily plays coy.

We’ve been waiting some time to see where LaBeouf is going with his character as starring in a Lars Von Trier film couldn’t be a further departure from Even Stevens and Transformers. Many people are hoping that LaBeouf can prove he’s actually a talented actor capable of turning in elite performances rather than being the guy best remembered as the most hated Indiana Jones character ever.

The film doesn’t come out until December and so far we’ve seen just over a minute of LaBeouf’s performance. But so far things are looking promising and signs are pointing to Nymphomaniac being a film that propels LaBeouf out of the teeny-bopper depths he sank to.

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