Alec Baldwin Says He Turned Down Villain Role in Upcoming Marvel Movie

Marvel seems to be dominating the comic book movie world at the moment and while it is drawing marquee names to their movie franchises, it’s not a world every actor is dropping everything to be a part of.

While appearing in studio this week for Howard Stern, actor Alec Baldwin claimed he was offered a role in an upcoming Marvel film as a villain but turned it down to be with his family.

Baldwin refused to elaborate on what film he was offered a role in and what part he’d be playing. He withstood Stern’s infamous prodding and stayed quiet on the details which may lead some to think he may not be telling the truth. But Baldwin isn’t the only actor to have turned down a role in a Marvel film and he won’t be the last.

The next logical question is what part would Baldwin have played if he had decided to accept the offer in the unknown film? Baldwin began his career as a resectable leading man but found his niche in being an extremely strong supporting actor which begs the question of whether or not he’d have been able to carry the role of a main villain in a Marvel film.

You can check out Baldwin’s interview with Stern below:

While Baldwin wouldn’t name the role he was offered, the studio isn’t planning on writing or announcing any new films until 2014. Knowing that, it’s easy to deduce that Baldwin’s role would have either been in Avengers 2Thor 2Captain America or (most likely) Guardians of the Galaxy. 

We won’t know which film Baldwin turned down but the fact that he was offered a supposedly major role in a film shows that Marvel isn’t afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to who they offer roles to in their films.

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