The Flash Set to Make Live-Action Television Debut

DC has some catching up to do. That fact has been known for a while. They’ve simply just been behind the curve, trailing Marvel’s shadow and their models when it comes to how they release and plan projects based on their biggest and not so big properties.

But if DC has a leg up on Marvel anywhere, its on television. And it’s on that format where they plan to make their next big splash and introduce one of their tent pole characters, The Flash, to a generation who largely has only heard of Barry Allen and his lightning quick alter ego from Big Bang Theory re-runs and Catch Me If You Can.

Flash will be the name of the new show and its being developed by the creators of the wildly successful CW show Arrow.

The report comes from Deadline which states that Greg Berlanti, Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg will write Flash for director David Nutter to direct the pilot episode (which, incidentally is how Arrow got its start). The trade mag also hints that The Flash will make a crossover appearance on Arrow before jumping into his own story and show later on.

A Flash film has been in development Hell for forever. This most recent Comic Con hinted at a film featuring one of DC’s most iconic characters, but nothing said really gained the confidence of fans and industry experts that it was truly happening.

This show may or may not put a crux on any film aspirations execs had for a Flash film (maybe they can be connected?) but that, along with Flash’s success on the small screen, remains to be seen. Berlanti, Johns, Kreisberg and Nutter seems to be trying to capture lighting in a bottle twice and that sadly rarely happens in show business.

With all that being said, I’m excited to see The Flash race to television. He’s one of DC’s best properties and is grossly under utilized.

The show will be formally announced later today, hopefully with casting and premiere information in tow, which you can find on FlickSided.

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